It is not about us ! It’s about YOU !  Our commitment is your fun, comfort, sexy look  and healthy life style. Platinum Sun® was born in the golden sunrise of Miami Beach inspired by nature, water, sun, beach and extreme sports.

Product creation

Every new product is being created in our mind while surfing the waves, kiteboarding, boating in the moonlight or just walking on the beach. This unique moment gets transferred onto the paper first, into a computer program later, and in a couple of weeks we are proud to present you our creation.

  • Quality is our priority
  • Unique and creative design
  • Your satisfaction and fun

Our philosophy

If you are passionate about what you are doing the success will find you. We love our products and  are very proud of it’s quality and unique design. We are thankful to everybody who made our dream possible: our family, friends, mentors and our clients!