PLATINUM SUM NEOPRENE JACKET – Designed to keep you warm

Neoprene is a material that has been formulated to have an ultra-high resistant to water and wind. Here at Platinum Sun, we have specially designed a new collection of jackets using Neoprene that is capable of keeping you warm, in or out of the water and during sky activities.

Ensuring you don’t catch a cold while enjoying your favorite sport is our sole purpose here at Platinum Sun which is why we have selected the best and thickest Neoprene material to do just that. But here are some other amazing features for you to Enjoy;

IMPROVED ZIPPER FOR HARNESS – taking out your harness after a kite session would be a thing of the past as our jackets are specially designed to allow you use any harness for kite surfing as a result of a separate compartment with an improved zipper.

DRAINAGE HOLES- We played out every possible scenario our Neoprene Jacket can be used for. One aspect that is so far important is the insertion of drainage holes just in case you decide to kite in the jacket. This ensures that water gets out almost the same way it gets in. What does this mean for you? It means you don’t experience any extra weight while kiting.

EMBOSSED NEOPRENE – this feature was made for the luxury lovers. Available only in the Black version of our Neoprene Jackets, it gives a soft feel making the jacket look durable and luxurious at the same time.

And top it all, our Neoprene Jacket  (the black one) is lined fleece.